THE GREAT LAKE TROUT print (Salmo ferox)


These very beautiful original chromolithographs are from the "Sporting Fish of Great Britain," (The game and coarse fish of the United Kingdom) by H. Cholmondeley-Pennell, published in London in 1886.

The coloured prints have been heightened with gum arabic, and real gold and silver, to enhance the detail and sheen of the fish’s scales -  and they glisten under the light. 

Cholmondeley-Pennell (1837-1913), was Her Majesty’s Inspector of Sea Fisheries, editor of the Fisherman's Magazine and Review, and a very successful author of angling books including: Fishing Gossip, Salmon and Trout, The Modern Practical Angler, Pike and other Coarse Fish, The Book of the Pike.

(Ref: Nissen, Schöne Fischbücher, 1951)

THE GREAT LAKE TROUT print  (Salmo ferox)
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THE GREAT LAKE TROUT print  (Salmo ferox)