These rare and extraordinarily striking plates of tropical deep sea fishes are from reports by zoologist, Samuel Garman, on an exploration off the West coasts of Mexico, Central and South America, and off the Galapagos Islands by the US Fish Commission steamer "Albatross" during 1891. The plates were lithographed by E. Meisel from drawings by A.M. Westergren; after Garman, and published in 1889.

"The most important work in ichthyology this year is Mr. Samuel Garman’s monumental report on the deep-sea fishes…most of the the species are beautifully figured."

D. S. J., "Garman's Deep-Sea Fishes," The American Naturalist 34, no. 404 (Aug., 1900) Under the command of eminent Swiss-American zoologist, Alexander Agassiz, this exploration was one of the very first attempts at deep sea collecting in the equatorial regions and more than 1200 specimens of fishes were secured. Many of the most beautiful nineteenth century fish illustrations come from scientific voyages such as this one. (Ref. Preface – General Discussion, Dean, Bibl.of Fishes vol.1 p. 439)

condition:Excellent. Copy of title page included
size:26 x 31 cm 10 x 12 inches approx.
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