These very beautiful chromolithographs are from The Fishes of Porto Rico (Puerto Rico) by Barton W. Evermann and Millard C. Walsh.

This report, based on the 1899 investigation in Porto Rican waters by the US Fish Commission steamer, Fish Hawk, was published in 1900.

All the fish illustrations were painted from living specimens. A specially constructed aquarium was used by the artists to capture their living specimens’ gorgeous vibrant colours.

The majority of fish plates were hand painted in watercolours by Albertus H. Baldwin. Others were executed in oils by Charles Bradford Hudson. They were then completed by the renowned New York lithographers, Julius Bien & Company.

“We cannot give too high praise to the artists, for the care and fidelity which they have done their work. All who are familiar with the life colors of the species and have seen these paintings have been struck with their accuracy, both as to the color and structural detail.”

Barton W. Evermann and Millard C. Walsh.

size:19 x 27 cm 10 ½ x 7 ½ inches approx.
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