THE COMMON DRAGONET print (Callionymus lyra)


These rare and exceptional plates, with original exquisite handcolouring, are from the revised and enlarged second edition of “A History of Scandinavian Fishes” by Bengt Frederik Fries, Carl Ulrich Ekström and Carl Jacob Sundevall.

The work was completed by Professor F. A. Smitt and published in Stockholm and London in 1893.

“With the most accurate drawings…it gained a world-wide reputation as one of the best productions of its kind.”  

(Professor F. A. Smitt - Preface)

"No work possesses the combination of so many excellent forces as "Fishes of Scandinavia". The illustrations are painted by Wilhelm von Wright after living species. The hand-colouring is of the finest quality..."      

(Björn Dal, Sveriges Zoologiska Litteratur,  pp.166-172 and in Biblis 1974 pp. 86-88.)

condition:Very good, with some minor spots and evidence of marginal handling. Copy of title page included.
size:33 x 26.5 cm 13 x 10 ½ inches
THE COMMON DRAGONET print (Callionymus lyra)
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THE COMMON DRAGONET print (Callionymus lyra)